Tassimo Vs Nespresso Vs Dolce Gusto: Battle For The Best Pod Machine 2020

Tassimo Vs Nespresso Vs Dolce Gusto: Battle For The Best Pod Machine 2020

Suppose you’ve been looking into buying the best coffee machines. In that case, you have likely come across pod machines; these coffee machines conveniently use capsules to brew your morning coffee, saving you time and money.

These little capsules can brew you caramel lattes to espresso shots, with the demand being so popular there is a vast range to choose from on the market. However, the real question is what kind of pod machine you should choose?

Well, there are three leading brands UK wise on the market which are known for selling the best pod machines; Tassimo, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. So to help you decide on your new pod machine, we have compared and listed out the differences between each brands capsule system so as you can see which pod machine is right for you. 


Tassimo is a well-known brand of pod machine developed by Bosch. These coffee pod machines work by using T-discs with individual barcodes depending on the style of the disc; any Tassimo pod machine reads this barcode. It will adjust the temperature, water and brewing time depending on which capsule you chose. 

These Tassimo branded capsules range in a variety of drink styles from hot chocolates to lattes, so these pod machines are a real winner for the whole family to use. 

Not only are these machines high-tech in comparison to others, but they are also effortless to use with a one-touch system. They can fit into anyone’s kitchen neatly. 

What We Like About Tassimo

Tassimo pod machines differ to Nespresso and Dolce Gusto mainly because of their smart system and very affordable price, their capsules are not just limited to coffee and can give a luxurious cafe-style drink due to their costa branded pods range. 

These machines are also straightforward to use if you’re new to coffee machines, from the Tassimo Caddy to help with storage and the Tassimo Suny for speed, you can easily find the right Tassimo pod machine for you without having to break the bank. 

What We Don’t Like About Tassimo

Tassimo machines are not great for two things. One is pressure, Tassimo pod machines on have only a 3.3 bar of pressure, most espresso machines should have at least 15 bars.

These pod machines also lack milk frothing or steaming features due to the milk being in their pods. This can be not very pleasant if you want to make a frothy style latte or cappuccino yourself. 

The capsules can also be expensive, and this can add up to be a high cost in the long run. 


  • Smart barcode system and affordable. 
  • Can be used for a variety of hot drinks, not just coffee. 
  • Easy to use for the first time coffee machine users. 
  • Small models can fit into a variety of kitchens easily. 
  • Some have a filtration system. 


  • Low pressure compared to Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, with a longer waiting time for espressos. 
  • Expensive capsules. 
  • No milk frothing option. 


Nespresso machines are well-known for their high-quality tasting coffee capsules. These machines focus purely on coffee and would be beneficial for a daily coffee drinker to replace your trips to Starbucks. 

The Nespresso capsules offer a range of coffee flavours ranging from stronger roasts to lighter roasts depending on how you like your coffee, they also provide espresso and lungo style pods for longer coffee and flavoured sweet coffee pods which are perfect to pair with milk. 

This brand boasts a great range of pod machines and give a high-quality taste in comparison to the Tassimo coffee capsules. 

What We Like About Nespresso

Nespresso purely concentrates on coffee, unlike Tassimo who have a range including tea, we feel as if this makes Nespresso coffee capsules much better tasting than others on our list. 

Their Vertuo capsule machines are primarily known for giving high-quality coffee, and there 19 bar pressure makes brewing your espresso shots fast. Some Nespresso capsule machines also have a milk frothing system, unlike Tassimo, which is better in terms of lattes or steamed milk espressos. 

Their capsules are also very affordable when compared to Dolce Gusto pods and Tassimo pods.

What We Don’t Like About Nespresso

The Nespresso capsule machines tend to be more complicated use than the Dolce Gusto and Tassimo. This is due to their lack of a barcode system. Their capsule also has to be ordered online. You can’t find them in the supermarkets unless you use compatible ones, this can be a little annoying convenience wise. 

Their machines can also become quite expensive and lack variety in capsule styles when compared to the other two brands on our list. 


  • Great for high-quality coffee lovers. 
  • Milk frothing options and affordable capsules. 
  • 19 bar pressure system. 
  • Good recycling programme for capsules.
  • Much more models too chose from. 


  • Machines can be expensive and complicated to use. 
  • Capsules can only be ordered online. 
  • No variety of hot drinks, only coffee. 

Dolce Gusto

The Nescafe made Dolce gusto branded pod machines are great for a variety of hot drinks, their capsules can provide hot chocolates, lattes, iced drinks and more. These machines are similar to Tassimo and use a barcode system to make brewing your favourite coffee drinks easy. 

Dolce Gusto machines have an advantage over Nespresso and Tassimo as their models are available in both manual and automatic systems depending on how much control you want other brewing your coffee. Their parts are also super cheap to replace. 

You can make milky drinks easily with there milk capsules and buy them in either supermarkets or online. 

What We Like About Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto pod machines are great for modern style coffees. They have an even greater range of capsules available than Tassimo and Nespresso. They can create any kind of hot drink you can think of.

The barcode system is easy to use for first-time coffee machine users, and their capsules are readily available in most supermarkets. This machine also has 15 bars of pressure, unlike the Tassimo and is available in automatic styles or manual, which suits a variety of people.

What We Don’t Like About Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto still may lack in taste quality when compared to Nespresso pods. This is due to them concentrating on a large variety of hot drinks like the Tassimo rather than just coffee, they also lack a milk frother option, unlike the Nespresso machines. 


  • Great range of hot drinks to choose from and readily available capsules. 
  • Capsules are a mid-range price. 
  • Fifteen bars of pressure and automatic/manual systems.
  • Barcode system for easy use. 
  • Modern design. 


  • Concentrate on a lot of different hot drinks. 
  • Coffee may be of less quality when compared to Nespresso. 
  • No milk frothing option. 

Our Verdict – What Pod Machine Is The Best

Overall, the best pod machine out of the three most popular brands above has to be the Nespresso machine for coffee only, however, if you are looking for a device which is easy to use and extremely convenient, the Tassimo or Dolce Gusto would be much more suitable. 

The Nespresso machine offers much more quality capsules than other brands on our list, so if you are a seasoned coffee drinker you may appreciate their pod machines much more due to taste, the biggest cons of Nespresso machines have to be their price, manual functioning and the fact their capsules are only available online. 

If you are looking for an easy function coffee machine which is affordable and modern, the Tassimo pod machine would be right for you. Same goes for the Dolce Gusto. However, the advantage of the Dolce model is that it has manual and automatic machines available, so you can still control your coffee brewing if you want. 

What To Look For In The Best Coffee Pod Machine 

Now we have compared the top three brands in the coffee pod machine market. You might be wondering what you need to know before investing in one, we have put together our best coffee pod machine buying guide below to help you out. 

Why You Need A Coffee Pod Machine

Coffee pod machines are the best for one main reason – they are convenient. You don’t need to be an expert to work a pod machine as the capsules do the hard part. Not to mention pod machines are also typically very small which makes it perfect for sliding into your kitchen with your other appliances. 

We have listed out some pros and cons below of pod coffee machines to help you out – 


  • Very affordable and compact. 
  • Consistent results without you needing to be a coffee machine expert. 
  • Easy to use and require little cleanup. 
  • Pods can be recycled nowadays. 
  • Can make a variety of hot drinks. 
  • Range of strengths and foil keeps coffee fresh tasting. 


  • Pods can be quite expensive to upkeep. 
  • Some pods are limited on where you can buy and are not compatible with other machines. 
  • Some pods still can’t be recycled. 
  • You are limited to milk frothing options. 

What Features To Look For In A Best Pod Machine?

There are many different features in pod coffee machines that you need to consider before purchasing, for example, you need to consider the pod’s cost and drink size the machine accommodates. 

We have listed out the main features below to consider in your pod machine – 

  • Bar pressure – For household use your bar pressure should be anything from 9 bars, and above, 15 bars tend to be a professional standard; however not completely necessary.
  • Tank size – Don’t go for a pod machine with a small tank size, this will limit how many coffees you can make and is annoying to keep refilling, especially if the device will be used within a family. It would be best if you also considered looking for a tank that has a filtration system; some of the Tassimo machines have this feature. 
  • Drink size – The best coffee pod machines should allow you to have different drink sizes when brewing, this can mean you can have lattes in your go-to flask or a small espresso all within the same machine. 
  • Style of drinks – If you are looking for a device which can make all kinds of hot beverages such as hot chocolate and tea, then make sure you go for a Tassimo or Dolce Gusto branded machines, machines such as the Nespresso brand purely concentrate on coffee. 
  • Pods – Consider the price of the pods that are used in your device; expensive pods will be hard to upkeep. It would help if you also considered the availability of your pods, making sure they are available online and in your supermarket in your country is a good idea.
  • Milk frothing – Most pod machines come with their own dried milk powder pods or UHT milk, some people prefer to froth their fresh milk. This is not a feature on the Tassimo, and Dolce Gusto machines so bear this in mind before purchasing. 
  • Spout size – Make sure your spout can fit within your cups; otherwise, you might be splashing coffee everywhere. 

Tips For Using Your Pod Machine

There are some little tips and tricks to help maintain your machine and get the best coffee out of it. We have listed out the best points and cleaning tips below to help you out.


  • Brew your machine with water first – Priming your device can help take out any old debris from the spout before making a fresh brew. It can also prepare your machine and cup. 
  • Use filtered water – Some devices like Tassimo can come with a water filter. However, if yours doesn’t, it’s a good idea to try and use filtered water in your machine, this will give a cleaner taste and help prevent limescale from building up. 
  • Water tank – Make sure your water tank is always full before brewing.
  • Practice – Try out some capsules and find the right strength and taste for you; this will be harder with manual machines but will also give you more control.
  • Try subscribing to your capsules – Not all but some coffee pod machines will offer a subscription service for their coffee pods, this will allow you to keep your pods in stock, nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find out you’ve used all your coffee pods!


  • Turn off your machine when cleaning – This may be obvious but before you start doing any cleaning to you pod machine, make sure to switch it off.
  • Remove filters and limescale filters with any other parts – Once parts are removed, you can rinse them under a cold tap.
  • Wipe down the exterior – Wipe the outside of your machine with a damp cloth to make it shine again.
  • Dry parts before re-assembling – Make sure to dry your parts before putting them back together.

How Much Will A Pod Machine Cost Me?

Pod coffee machines can be very affordable and range from £50 to £100 for an easy to use device, Tassimo especially creates very affordable options. However, the cheaper the device, the fewer accessories it will come with, such as a milk frother, many of the cheaper brands will have milk pods you can use instead. 

You should also consider the price of your coffee machines pods; some are not compatible with others which means you will be restricted to buying only one type of pod. Pod and capsule prices will vary according to your brand. 

Maintenance wise most pod machines are relatively cheap to fix and buy replacement parts for so this shouldn’t be an issue.

How Do Pod Machines Compare To Other Types?

There are lots of different coffee machines on the market, from espresso to filter, the real question, however, is how do these match up to pod machines?

Bean to cup vs pod machines

Bean to cup machines work by grinding fresh coffee beans and use them to create fresh-tasting coffee within one system, they also usually have a milk frothing function. Its automatic or manual control will give you more adjustability when it comes to how your coffee tastes. 

When compared to pod machines these bean to cup machines tend to have a more pungent taste and allow you to have more control over your coffee; however, pod machines tend to be quiet and require less clean up. 

Espresso machine vs pod machines

Espresso machines are most commonly used by baristas and can require you to measure out your ground coffee before making your espresso manually; the best advantage to these machines is their high-quality taste. 

When compared to a pod machine these espresso machines give you a more superior tasting espresso and allow you to have more control over your shot, however, there is also more room for making mistakes, so if your not comfortable with how espresso machines work, steer clear. 

Filter coffee vs pod machines

Filter coffee machines are so affordable and can brew large amounts of black coffee for guests. However, when compared to pod machines, these models lack adjustability. They can’t make a variety of coffees, only black.

Capsule vs beans 

What about coffee pods compared to coffee beans, are we losing out on quality if we choose pods? Well, nowadays capsules can taste just as a good as freshly ground coffee beans due to the high-quality sealing process used when packaging the pods. 

If you can learn to use an espresso machine, you may enjoy a fresher tasting coffee; however, you are by no means losing out when compared to capsules.


Why should I get a pod coffee machine?

Coffee pod machines are easy to use and very quick, you don’t have to be an expert coffee brewer as they sort out the dosage for you. These machines are often very affordable and convenient too.

Are pod coffee machines easy to use?

Yes, these machines are designed to make any kind of hot drink or coffee with a one-touch system, if you have a manual pod machine like Nespresso ones they may require more programming.

What are the best pod coffee brands?

The best coffee pod brands have to be the three we have compared above; Tassimo, Dolce Gusto and Nespresso.

How long will it take to brew my coffee?

This depends on the model of your machine, some machines which have high pressure such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto will give you an espresso in a matter of fewer than 30 seconds. Tassimo machines however can be up to one minute. 

What’s the best machine with cheap pods?

Tassimo tends to have some cheap pods depending on what you buy. Dolce Gusto is known for being very affordable in their capsules prices too.

What kind of drinks can I make with a coffee pod machine?

This depends once again on the machine you buy and the pods that are compatible with it. With devices such as Tassimo, you can make all kinds of pod drinks such as baileys hot chocolate, vanilla lattes and even tea. 

Do I need a milk frother with my machine?

If your coffee pod machine uses milk pods with either UHT milk or milk powder, then a frother is not needed. For Nespresso machines, you can buy the Aeroccino Nespresso milk frother accessory which can help your froth milk in a matter of seconds for your hot drink.

Can I use my phone application with a pod machine?

Yes, however only with some machines such a Nespresso. These apps allow you to schedule your brew in advance and choose your drink style, meaning you can have a hot latte ready waiting for you before you get home!

Can I recycle my coffee pods?

Unfortunately, many coffee pods can only be recycled if you drop them off at a pod recycling location.

Can coffee pod machines make more the one cup at once?

No, pod machines tend to be a single serving; however, you can make another cup straight after due to the water tank.

Can I re-use coffee pods?

Yes! You can re-use some of your pods such as Nespresso ones, just refill your pod with your favourite ground coffee and reseal with some foil. The quality and taste may be different, however.

Our Battle Winner 

With all the popular pod machine brands to choose, it can be challenging to know which one to purchase. For coffee lovers only we recommend the Nespresso pod machines for fuller tasting coffee.

If you are looking for modern features and convenience, go for the Tassimo machines or the Dolce Gusto models. 

Happy brewing!

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