De’Longhi Magnifica Bean To Cup Espresso Coffee Machine Review 2018 – 2019

De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200

De'Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine Buying a coffee machine from the well-known De’Longhi (CHECK THE PRICE HERE!) will ensure your coffee making experience is filled with easy to use features that only make your coffees taste even better. De’Longhi introduces many features into their coffee machine range to ensure the experience is much like one you would get in a coffee shop itself – so you will always be able to make the professional cups of coffee from the comfort of your own home.

The De’LonghiMagnifica Bean To Cup Espresso Coffee Machine is no different in that respect and if you are looking for a machine that is going to make coffees effortlessly, you should consider this one. Have a look at some of the other features this product provides:

  • 2 year guarantee – This product is quite expensive but it’s still very competitive for what it offers in terms of features. Either way, when you are forking out money on a coffee machine you are obviously going to want one that works for years to come, and this De’Longhi coffee machine will make sure that happens. Even if it doesn’t live up to the standards you expect, this product comes with a 2 year guarantee so you are covered should anything ever go wrong – giving you even more peace of mind when investing in a De’Longhi product.De'Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine
  • One touch operation – De’Longhi wanted to create a product that was not only long lasting and feature-rich, but they also wanted to create a product that was easy to use. This is why they introduced the one touch operation feature that will provide you with bean-to-cup coffee within a matter of minutes from simply touching a button.
  • Cup warmer – The cup warmer is a feature that is found on most coffee machines in the market, and this one has followed suit. If you like to get on with a few other small jobs around the house whilst you are waiting for your coffee to be made, this one will not only make your coffee but it will keep it warm for a while until you have the time to drink it.
  • Dual boiler system – The advanced dual boiler system integrated with this coffee machine will ensure you are not waiting around for long at all. You won’t need to wait for it to heat up as the dual boiler system will make sure your coffee is made quickly and efficiently. It’s not going to ruin the taste of the coffee beans either.
  • Adjustable dispenser – The problem with most coffee machines on the market is that they don’t cater for the people that use bigger cups or mugs for their coffees. This means people have to dispense their coffee into one smaller cup and then transfer it to their bigger cup. It’s not exactly a great way of doing things, which is why this product comes with an adjustable dispenser so you can adjust the height to suit the needs of bigger or smaller cups.
  • Milk frothing arm – This De’Longhi product comes with a professional stainless steel milk frothing arm so you can make the professional cappuccinos just like the coffee shops. This arm actually works as well, unlike many of the other milk frothing arms that come with their coffee machines.
  • Burr grinding technology – It’s been proven that burr grinders offer much better taste than a lot of the other grinders that come in some coffee machines. Using a burr grinder will ensure the coffee beans aroma stays so coffee tastes great at all times. Most other grinders usually burn coffee beans so they end up tasting fowl, and not at all professional.
  • Suitable for ground coffee – If you buy your coffee beans already grounded, or you have a separate grinder to do the job for you, then this product comes with a compartment for you to place your ground coffee in. You will then be able to change the setting to use the ground coffee instead of the built-in grinder that comes with it.
  • Easy to clean – This product is automatically rinsed through every time you turn the coffee machine on or off so you can be sure you won’t have to clean in all of the hard to get to places. You will fin the whole machine itself is very easy to wipe down externally to keep it clean and looking good.

In conclusion, this product is high end, but for a bean to cup coffee machine with a brand in De’Longhi that you can trust – you can be sure you are getting excellent value for money. There are a lot of coffee machines out there that are a lot more expensive and do not provide half as many features as this one. This product comes with simple features such as the adjustable height dispenser to the more advanced features such as the dual boiling system that won’t keep you waiting, so you can be sure you are going to have a lot of features one in compact machine that is going to make coffee making effortless. If you are looking for a good quality coffee machine that isn’t going to set you back an awful lot, you should definitely consider the De’LonghiMagnifica Coffee Machine.


Features: Dual boiling system – Adjustable height dispenser – Easy to use – Easy to clean – Burr grinder

Pricing: High-End


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